Bloomsbury Fashion Central (003)

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Available for a trial period ending 25/05/2017

Please note this resource can only be accessed within College and no login is now required

Bloomsbury Fashion Central provides access to three high quality collections which provide an excellent research and information resource for creative arts students:

Berg Fashion Library

The Berg Fashion Library contains a wealth of material on fashion drawn from sources such as Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress, 90 Bloomsbury Fashion ebooks, A-Z of Fashion and the Dictionary of Fashion.

Fashion photography archive

Fashion Photography Archive is an online resource containing more than 750,000 newly-digitzed and high-quality runway, backstage, and street style images. The collection also features articles, designer biographies and videos.

Fairchild books library

  • 130 digital textbooks are available via library for students
  • Textbooks are aggregated and fully indexed to provide both a learning and a reference experience
  • STUDIOs allow users to personalize their study with multiple choice questions and quizzes, flashcards, and video and audio resources
  • Interactive timeline provides historical context



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