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Bookable Project Rooms

Bookable Project Rooms

At the Science and Technology Library there are two bookable Project rooms.  These are intended for small groups of students (maximum number four) who wish to work together on a project or presentation.  The rooms may not be booked for any other purpose and are only available during Library opening times.

Students may book a Project room with the member of Library staff on the Mezzanine Floor.

General Booking Rules

  1. A Project room may be booked for up to two hours at a time by a group.
  2. A Project room my be booked one week in advance.
  3. No more than four students may be present in a Project room.
  4. Each student using the room must leave their current student ID card with the member of stafff on the Mezzanine Floor.
  5. There is no eating or drinking allowed in the rooms.

Further details are available from the Science and Technology Library or ring 0161 886 7136/7012.

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