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Whizzy things to save you time…

Linking to a newspaper article e-genie helpsheet
Link to a newspaper article using the Library’s Newsstand database of UK national and regional newspapers

Linking to an e-book chapter
This quick and easy method allows you to link your students into a specific part of an e-book. You can then email the link or use it in Moodle.

Create a ‘live’ Reading List linked to the Library catalogue
When setting a new assignment why not create a reading list from resources available in the Library. Add links to enable your students to reserve books online

Emailing journal articles or pages from a book as a single file
Ever had to photocopy a journal article or a chapter of a book in umpteen emails? If you have Adobe Pro on your PC you can create seamless PDFs which makes it much more practical to email to your students, and colleagues.

Renew, Search and Collect
Take charge of your library resources. Get a PIN, renew your library books, search for books on our catalogue and reserve them ready to collect next time you’re in.


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