Contact us by phone or email:
0161 952 4703 - Altrincham Campus
0161 886 7012 - Stretford Campus
Email :
0161 952 4703 - Altrincham Campus
0161 886 7012 - Stretford Campus
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Rules and Regulations
  • Please keep your food and drink in your bag.
  • Ensure that your mobile is on silent mode, texting is ok, but no voice calls are permitted – these should be made or taken outside the Library or IT Centre.
  • Please be aware of the acceptable user policy when using college PCs. It is your responsibility.
  • Library and IT Centre computers are for research and assignment work only.
  • Students are expected to work quietly in the Library and IT Centre and silently in some designated areas.
  • The access of chat rooms, games or texting web sites is not permitted.
  • For security reasons, do not leave your belongings unattended.
  • Unattended PCs will normally be closed down. Please speak to a member of staff if you need to leave briefly.
  • Stop and show your ID badge when requested.
  • Courtesy, consideration and respect to your fellow students and members of staff, is essential at all times.
  • Failure to return borrowed learning resources will result in the denial of access to the IT facilities in the Library and IT Centres.
  • Items may be renewed up to 3 times then must be returned.  You will not be able to renew items if you have outstanding fines.

Library Locations
Trafford College
(Altrincham Campus)

Manchester Road
West Timperley
WA14 5PQ
0161 952 4703
The Centre for Science and Technology
Trafford College
Talbot Road
M32 0XH
0161 886 7012

Trafford College is a leading provider of education and training in Greater Manchester. With a £50m investment in world-class facilities, an innovative approach to learning and exceptional links with some of the UK’s most significant employers, students are given a platform from which they can achieve their full potential.